Sonn Macmillan Walker are extradition solicitors with a department dedicated to this specialist area of law. We regularly act for individuals who are sought by foreign countries to face criminal proceedings or to serve sentences if they have already been convicted.

We can advise at all stages of the proceedings, from pre-arrest (making enquiries into whether an extradition request has been made) to advice at the police station on arrest and representation at the Magistrates Court and High Court.

The firm has a daily presence at Westminster Magistrates Court (where all those facing extradition proceedings must appear) and we have conducted numerous appeals against extradition at both the High Court and the House of Lords.

Most extradition cases are resolved in the court but we are always aware of the possibility of negotiated settlements and to that end we are regularly instructed to contact foreign governments to investigate alternative litigation. For example, it can be possible to make representations to the foreign judicial authority to withdraw extradition request for trivial offences where a fine would suffice.

In more serious cases, plea bargaining can result in a more favourable outcome on return.  Such a non-adversarial approach can have the benefit of reducing the length of proceedings (and consequent strain on the individual facing extradition) and enabling agreement to be reached more easily on bail pending the conclusion of the case.

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