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  • Proportionality of confiscation and compensation orders in Davenport

    Paul Lazarus discusses proportionality of confiscation and compensation orders in Davenport. This article was first published by Solicitors Journal on 01/12/2015, and is reproduced by kind permissi... read more

  • Deferred prosecution agreements (DPAs)

    The first application for a deferred prosecution agreement made by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) was approved by Lord Leveson on the 30th November 2015. The subject of the DPA, Standard Bank Plc (... read more

  • LIBOR trial at risk due to Legal Aid row

    It has been widely reported today that the forthcoming trial of six former Barclays bankers accused of fixing the LIBOR rate is at risk of being derailed to a lack of agreement between the Legal Aid A... read more

  • Confiscation

    Intentionally draconian, this is the process by which the authorities seek to recover the “benefit” of offending from those convicted of criminal offences involving a financial gain. Un... read more

  • Seizure, detention and forfeiture of cash

    If police or customs officers find in your possession an amount of cash in excess of £1000, and if they have reasonable grounds for suspecting it is either the proceeds of crime, or to be use... read more