We offer a full range of Immigration advice and assistance on a wide range of applications. Our team of dedicated solicitors will ensure that all applications are meticulously prepared to ensure a successful result. We are able to guide our clients through all immigration matters from Visa submissions to the Home Office as well as appeals heard before the Asylum & Immigration Tribunal.

Our immigration department is experienced in advising and assisting clients that raise claims relating to a wide range of Visas as well as those who are raising challenges against removal/deportation from the United Kingdom.

We not only offer a Visa and evidence checking service that enhances the chances of a successful application but also offer a submission service for those applicants that are unable to devote time wait at the Home Office whilst their application is processed.

Due to our extensive background in criminal defence we are able to offer a tailored service for those applicants that have been processed through the criminal justice system and as a result are threatened with removal from the United Kingdom.

Areas we cover

  • Visiting Visas
    • Student
    • Spouse
    • Family
    • Work Permits
    • Business/ Entrepreneurs
  • Applications for leave to remain in the UK based on Human Rights grounds
  • Registration as a British citizen
  • Naturalisation as a British citizen
  • Deportation challenges