Murder & Manslaughter

If you or someone you know are accused of causing the death of another person then you need the very best team on your side. Sonn Macmillan Walker have over 20 years' experience in defending homicide cases. Each case is different and we bring our very considerable skills to each case. We are able to assist in the police station where some of the most important decisions about how to defend your case will be made. Our manslaughter and murder solicitors can advise on the different defences that might be available to you. We will ensure that you have the highest level of representation available.

We think that our track record in defending people accused of these most serious crimes speaks for itself. Here are some of the more recent cases in which we have acted:

  • R v Q - mistaken ID case where 7 people ran past a person drinking outside a pub and one fatally stabbed him. Joint enterprise murder case where our client was said to be the spotter for the target. Q accepted he was the spotter but thought the intention was a fist fight, not a stabbing. Acquitted of murder and conspiracy to GBH.
  • R v C - Carjacking where robber fatally stabbed car owner. Our client was said to be the lookout and guilty by joint enterprise. Acquitted of murder.
  • R v M - hitman shooting where our client was said to have organised the shooting. Highly complex telephone evidence analysis. Ultimately found not guilty as the prosecution could not prove that our client had been in possession of the phone.
  • R v H - Woman stabbed her partner to death. Prosecution were persuaded to accept a guilty plea to manslaughter and drop the murder charge. 18 months' imprisonment imposed and she was released shortly after the conclusion of her case.
  • R v J - Son killed his father and destroyed the house by fire. Acquitted of murder, he admitted manslaughter by reason of diminished responsibility.
  • R v J - Man accused of shooting dead another drug dealer - acquitted of murder.
  • R v S - First defendant in trial of 11, all accused of murder. A huge street fight involving knives where one youth was killed and two others seriously injured. Acquitted of murder by the trial judge after legal argument about the state of the evidence.
  • R v S - 15 year old was robbed. He was accused of inciting his cousins to shoot the person who had robbed him - acquitted of murder.
  • R v K - Man pushed leading human rights lawyer under tube train - acquitted of murder by reason of diminished responsibility.

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