Police Arrest

If you are arrested and detained in a police station or attend for interview as a volunteer, you are entitled to consult a solicitor free of charge. We strongly advise that you do seek legal advice. Police powers are wide ranging and there are often circumstances where you must make a difficult decision which could affect the outcome of the investigation or possibly a subsequent court case. Such circumstances might include whether to answer police questions in interview, whether to submit a written statement rather than answer questions, whether to agree to participate in an identification procedure or whether to agree to supply a sample (eg fingerprints, breath, saliva, blood).

Whilst Sonn Macmillan Walker is based in London, in serious cases we can arrange for representation throughout the UK. We offer a 24 hour service.

A friend or relative of someone detained at a police station is allowed to instruct us on their behalf. If you are in this position please call us and we can call the police station to advise the detained person that you have asked us to represent them. Ultimately it is the detained person's choice whether to instruct us, but you will be reassured to know that you have put them in touch with expert criminal defence solicitors.

Some of the most important decisions made in relation to a case are made at the police station. If we are involved at an early stage of an investigation, we are often able to affect the outcome.

You are not obliged to say anything to the police and we advise all clients to maintain their right to silence until they speak with us.