White Collar Crime

Cases involving allegations of serious fraud and money laundering are often extremely complicated and involve many thousands of pages of evidence. Sonn Macmillan Walker has been conducting such cases of behalf of defendants ever since its creation. We are expert in handling such cases. Our expertise is acknowledged by the Chambers UK directory which describes the firm as a leader in the field of fraud.

We have been a member of the Legal Services Commission Very High Costs Cases panel since its inception in 2008. Before that we were members of the LSC Serious Fraud Panel.

We undertake fraud cases involving prosecution by all the agencies involved in fighting serious fraud and money laundering, the SFO, HM Revenue and Customs Prosecutions Office, the CPS Fraud Directorate and the Serous Organised Crime Agency.

When necessary, our size enables us to be able to field a team of lawyers to match the resources of the prosecuting authority.

Recent cases have included advance fee frauds on investors, a ticketing fraud at a London train station, and MTIC VAT frauds including one said to be the largest ever prosecuted in the UK. We are currently involved in a huge multi-national boiler room fraud, a case alleging tax evasion through fraudulent investment and a fraud on a high net worth individual.

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