Why Sonn Macmillan Walker?

We get the job done. While we cannot guarantee an acquittal, we do assure you that your case will receive the attention it needs. Time and again we find that the most serious and complex cases require huge amounts of work. Some think it is simply a case of reading the prosecution papers and putting your defence forward to the court. We know that there is far more to the successful defence of criminal allegations. Everything needs to be studied, considered, then studied again. It is only by a careful and minute analysis that the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecution case can be anticipated. To win, we have to be ahead of the prosecution, and to be ahead means being prepared. The last thing you need is to be surprised at court by something that your lawyers have not prepared you for.

There have been many many occasions when we have identified issues with the prosecution evidence that could have been problematic for clients. Because we have been properly prepared, our clients have been properly prepared and we have neutralised those issues - if the prosecution have even identified them.

Once we have dealt with the prosecution case it is time to present your defence. Again, this takes skill and hard work. We work with you to ensure that your account is presented to the jury with the necessary supporting evidence.

We have a proven record of success in all types of prosecution. Feel free to call us and ask how we can help in the presentation of your defence.