Our expertise in defending sexual allegations

We have a team of solicitors with extensive experience in dealing with all manner of sexual offences including historic abuse, stranger rape, indecent images, sexual misconduct and exposure. This area of criminal defence requires very specific skills and our solicitors are experts in this area of work. The police have specialist teams to investigate sexual allegations and we are able to offer expert sexual offence solicitors to prepare your defence.

Sexual offences are prosecuted more now than perhaps at any time in the past. More people are coming forward to make complaints of being the victim of sexual offending and the Crown Prosecution Service are less likely to dismiss an allegation due to age or lack of credibility. It is now common for allegations dating from 40 years or more ago to be tried. The emphasis in Court is on enabling witnesses to give the best evidence they can and defence advocates are prevented from asking questions they may have been permitted to ask only a few years ago. The landscape in sexual offence trials has changed. We have been defending these cases throughout this process and we understand the new policies and restrictions in place. We are therefore best placed to help to prepare your case

Defending indecent images cases

If you need a solicitor specialising in indecent images then read this blog article. Indecent images cases bring an additional requirement for technical expertise and understanding. We have successfully defended cases where a client has unwittingly received indecent images by deploying experts in computer and telephone evidence.

We work with some of the best barristers in the country who work in this area of law and we have a formidable success record.

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