Private Client Defence Solicitors

You, or someone know, are suspected of, or charged with a criminal offence. You need the very best defence lawyers available to fight your corner. You expect to have to pay for the best but don't have infinite funds. You need a firm with a proven track record and one that has experience in acting in all manner of criminal matters, not least the matter for which you need help. That is where we come in.

We are one of the largest firms in London specialising in criminal defence. Much of our work involves representing those on Legal Aid, and we have been doing this work for over 20 years. You may be one of those for whom Legal Aid is no longer available or you may simply be seeking the best lawyers available. If so then our private client department is designed for you.

Solicitors who make a difference

We can, and often do make a difference. We are able to travel all over the country to represent you. We are able to work all the hours needed to make a difference. We can offer input where legal aid might not offer funding. And we offer a quality of service and involvement that is second to none. In the last year we have secured acquittals for individuals facing drug importation and serious sex offences when we deployed our most experienced lawyers working in conjunction with senior and Queen’s Counsel.

Highest level of service

We have acted in many road traffic matters from driving with excess alcohol allegations to causing death by driving offences. We have acted in the police station where we are often able to act in such a way as to avoid criminal prosecution at all. In all these cases we know that you require the best service as well as the best representation and that is where our private client department can help.

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