Private Funding

If you are facing a criminal investigation or prosecution, you should seek the very best representation. Sonn Macmillan Walker is highly experienced and nationally recognised for their success in defending criminal cases of all levels of seriousness including many high profile cases.

Private legal representation is not the exclusive domain of the wealthy. Many clients are ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances and require a relentless defence of their reputation and livelihood.

Most of our clients do not have access to unlimited funds yet seek to appoint the best possible defence team. We specialise in offering good value for accomplished lawyers who consistently achieve the desired outcome.

Our impressive track record and endorsement from leading barristers’ chambers and legal directories speaks for itself.

“A force to be reckoned with,” Chambers Legal Directory

We work on every case with commitment and dedication, leaving no stone unturned. Our lawyers travel around the country, work long hours and make themselves available to you at all times.

We work in conjunction with experienced barristers and Queen’s Counsel and in the last year we have secured acquittals in road traffic matters, drug importation and serious sex offences as well as a host of other serious charges. We frequently succeed in avoiding criminal proceedings at the early stage of police interviews, averting prosecution altogether.

For the finest private legal representation call us on 020 7481 9157