Assault encompasses a range of offences of violence ranging from common assault to the more serious offences of assault occasioning actual bodily harm (ABH) and causing grievous bodily harm with intent (GBH).

The assault offence charged depends on the level of injury sustained by the complainant. In the most serious cases of GBH with intent or attempted murder, the intention of the accused will also be a key determining factor.

If you find yourself accused of assault of any type, you should seek legal advice at your earliest opportunity. Our expertise could prevent your charge, conviction or imprisonment. We have experience dealing with all levels of assault offences, and we work closely with experts on injury causation where appropriate. We are well versed in challenging medical evidence, CCTV evidence and inconsistencies in witness accounts.

Our police station team are available 24-hours a day for police station representation either immediately upon arrest or if you are asked to attend an interview voluntarily.

Our experience…

R v B (2021) Our client was accused of aggravated burlgary. Following in excess of 10 expert reports, our client received a special verdict of not guilty by reason of insanity and a hospital order. Her second case was discontinued following our written representations. Click here to read more.

R v A (2021) – Our client was a vulnerable 18 year old charged with attempted robbery and unlawful wounding. She was acquitted of all charges following a 4 day trial. Click here to read more.

R v J (2020)- Our client was facing a charge of assault. We submitted written representations and eyewitness evidence that had not been documented by the police, and the prosecution discontinued the charge before our client even had to attend court. Click here to read more.

R v L (2020) – Our client was facing two charges of ABH at the Crown Court. We successfully challenged the admissibility of key evidence, and the prosecution offered no evidence. Click here to read more.

R v P (2020) Our client was charged with ABH and coercive and controlling behaviour. The Prosecution discontinued the allegation of ABH and substituted the allegation of coercive control for one of common assault. After further discussions with the Prosecution, they offered no evidence in relation to the assault as well.

R v M (2020) – Our client was charged with ABH on a prison guard. The case was discontinued after we made written representations. Click here to read more.

R v W (2019) – Our client was accused of committing ABH on his partner. Despite clear finger marks around the complainant’s neck, our client was acquitted. Click here to read more.

R v OL (2019) – Our client was charged with ABH a year after he had accepted a community resolution in relation to the same matter. We successfully argued that prosecution under these circumstances was an abuse of process, and the proceedings were stayed. Click here to read more.