Benefit Fraud

The Government spends more that £200 billion on benefits. It’s hardly surprising therefore that efforts to save money include investigating and prosecuting benefit fraud. Many solicitors profess to be experienced in benefit fraud cases – Sonn Macmillan Walker actually is.

It’s experience that counts

We’ve been defending benefit fraud cases for more than 25 years.  Whether the allegation is that the benefit was obtained at the outset through fraud or whether it is alleged that the benefit claimant failed to identify a change in circumstances, Sonn Macmillan Walker will know how best to represent your interests when an investigation is afoot.  We have experience in HMRC, DWP and local authority prosecutions – often managing to persuade the investigator that there is an alternative to prosecution.

Helping you make the right decisions

From the moment you become aware that your benefits are under investigation, you’ll have decisions to make – ones that may be crucial to the outcome of your case. That’s why it helps to get us on board as soon as possible. It’s not going to be easy but we’ll do all we can to smooth the way.

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