Defending cartel crime

With the penalty for involvement in cartel offences ranging up to 5 years' imprisonment, it is vital that you have the very best representation from the outset. You need a firm with first class financial crime litigation experience.

Simplifying a complicated business

Prohibited cartel arrangements include: price fixing, market sharing, bid-rigging, and limiting output. Individuals alleged to have committed a cartel offence are vulnerable to criminal investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) or the Serious Fraud Office (SFO).

Often, an investigation such as this will have involved the lengthy monitoring of companies or individuals to gain intelligence. You need first-class representation from the moment you are become a suspect.

Notably, only individuals can be prosecuted for cartel offences – and in that situation you need an experienced team beside you. Alongside our own experience, we will if necessary instruct forensic accountants and the best specialist barristers on your behalf.

Protect your position

If you are being investigated, the best you can do is ensure you have the right people fighting your corner and protecting you, emotionally and financially no matter how long resolution takes.

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