Criminal records deletions

We are one of the few firms of solicitors specialising in obtaining the removal of cautions, arrest records and other police information (including DNA, fingerprints, and custody images). Our expertise is second to none.

Are you looking to delete your criminal record?

Having a clean record is particularly important for those who currently or potentially may work with children or vulnerable adults. We understand the impact that this sort of blemish may have on your professional reputation. We can help you to challenge the decision to include records on criminal records certificates issued by the Disclosure and Barring Service.

This work does not ordinarily attract public funding and so can only be undertaken on a private basis. We can offer you a competitive quote for work of this kind.

We’ll fight for you

We can advise you how best to navigate the complex path of expunging your record. When it comes to your reputation, you need the very best advice to ensure false accusations or incorrectly administered cautions do not tarnish your professional future. It’s never too late to enquire.

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