If you’re being investigated by the FCA, talk to us

These days it's not just companies who are being targeted by the Financial Conduct Authority, but increasingly, individuals too. Working in conjunction with the police and other agencies, the FCA has the power to prosecute people for insider dealing, money laundering and fraud offences. If they contact you, it's best to call us right away.

The benefit of insider knowledge

Knowledge is power. Our founding partner, David Sonn, has the edge when it comes to handling FCA investigations and prosecutions. He’s worked within the legal and corporate finance department of a major investment bank so knows what he’s dealing with.

With expertise like this on your side, you won’t go far wrong:

  • The gravitas to stand up to highly experienced prosecutors
  • The knowledge to advise you on your options
  • Specialist expertise of FCA proceedings

Who better to have on your side?

No matter what the FCA want to talk to you about, it’s worth getting in touch with an expert right from the start. With David’s experience and impressive track record, why choose anyone else?

Act now and call us on 020 7481 9157

All you need to do now is pick up the phone and speak to David Sonn, our specialist FCA investigation solicitor. You’ll be glad you did.