Accused of a protest-related offence? We’ll fight for you

People have a right to protest. We're really passionate about that and have been acting for protestors accused of crimes for many years now. We've worked with animal rights activists, hunt saboteurs, anti war protestors, anti-capitalists and Fathers for Justice.

We know how it all works

Some offences have been introduced specifically to prevent or hinder protest. We’re often able to win cases because the prosecution has failed to prove the case properly, or because we can argue a client’s behaviour does not contravene the law.

It’s our specialist expertise that makes the difference:

  • In-depth and up to date knowledge of current legislation.
  • The experience to work on multi-defendant cases.
  • A desire to see justice done.

We’ve got your back

No matter how complicated your case, or how long it takes to resolve it, we’ll work tirelessly towards a favourable outcome for you. In fact we’ve recently represented defendants in two of the longest ever criminal trials involving animal rights protestors.

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All you need to do now is pick up the phone and speak to Tim Walker, our specialist protest solicitor. You’ll be glad you did.