Information you might find useful – protest cases

We have been defending protestors for over 20 years. We has a wealth of experience and expertise which we bring to each case, be it a mass trespass or an allegation of planting incendiary devices.

Protestors routinely attract the attention of police even if there is nothing unlawful in their activities. Whether it is a stop and search, an arrest, or a prosecution of a little-used piece of legislation, we have the experience to make a difference. We have experience in defending hunt saboteurs and animal rights activists accused of offences from aggravated trespass to burglary and more serious conspiracy charges, Fathers 4 Justice, and anti-arms trade activists. We have been involved in two of the largest prosecutions of animal rights activists in recent years, both of which involved many thousands of pages of prosecution material.

As a protestor you might find yourself being accused of a whole host of different offences, the like of which might never have crossed your mind. You might be required to do or cease doing things that do not appear to cross into the criminal arena. Feel free to call us – they are rarely straightforward and we are always happy to help.

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