Terrorism offences

The powers that the authorities have to investigate terrorist offences are more extensive than in any other area. There are also an increasing number of activities potentially encompassed by terrorist legislation.

Facing a charge of terrorism or another extremist offence requires an exceptional defence team, versed in the complexities and forensic knowledge required to investigate and defend your case thoroughly and effectively. Security services have access to substantial resources to investigate and prosecute alleged terrorists and challenging their evidence is a complex task. Evidence can include photographs, sat-nav analysis, encrypted chat logs and cell site material, surveillance and banking evidence. The process can vary enormously from other types of cases, from detention at the police station, when police may apply for a terrorism suspect to be detained for up to 14 days.

If charged and remanded in custody it is usually in a high security unit. The court is often presided over by a senior judge and the prosecution will be led by a senior barrister heading a team of lawyers.  This must be met with an equally experienced and competent defence team.

The Sonn Macmillan Walker team specialising in this field is highly experienced and we work closely with the country’s leading specialist barristers.

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