The Crown Court

If your case progresses to the Crown Court this can be a daunting arena. Sonn Macmillan Walker can guide you through the process. As with any matter before the court we will examine the evidence, listen to your instructions, instruct experts where appropriate, and advise you on your options and the various possible outcomes.

Expert lawyers

An experienced lawyer will prepare and present your case to the crown court. The advocate may be one of our in-house specialists or an external barrister. All the advocates and barristers we instruct are experts in criminal defence work.

Over the years we have forged strong links with all of the major sets of barristers’ chambers specialising in criminal law. If you have a specific advocate you would like then please advise us.

Sensible advice

We have a huge amount of experience in conducting crown court cases ranging from minor dishonesty offences through to the most serious and complex cases such as murder, terrorism, fraud, and drug importation.

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