Post-arrest advice

Police routinely release suspects pending further investigation. We can advise you what to expect and what your options are.

Released under investigation

Police can detain a suspect for up to 24 hours. Occasionally this period can be extended. However it is often the case that the police enquiry takes considerably longer than this. Once the police enquiry has concluded it is usually the case that a prosecution lawyer has to decide whether a criminal prosecution should be commenced. During this time you will be released and you are unlikely to be given much information by the police.

Advice after release from the police station

Sonn Macmillan Walker can help at this stage. Whether you need an explanation of what to expect next, or guidance on the best course of action pending any decision, we can guide you through the process. Sometimes a person may simply want answers to questions about the circumstances in which they find themselves. In other cases it may be appropriate to commence the preparation of the defence case by taking instructions, taking witness statements and pursuing other evidence such as CCTV and telephone material, and perhaps meeting a barrister.

Call us for advice

We appreciate that this time can be one of immense stress. With the knowledge that you have the best legal team on board we aim to reduce the stress and ensure that your case is properly prepared for the next stage, whatever that may be.

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