Protest cases – our experience

Not many lawyers can claim to be experts in protest cases. The work involves detailed knowledge of often obscure or little prosecuted laws and an understanding of what drives an individual to risk criminal conviction for a cause in which they passionately believe.

We know what we’re talking about

We have over 25 years’ experience in acting for protestors. Our work has ranged from defending someone who set up a stall in a small market town and was accused of obstruction of the highway to defending in the two largest criminal prosecutions for animal rights activists this country has ever seen. We have represented persons accused of planting incendiary devices, of conspiracy to riot, of theft of animals, of causing a public nuisance and of trying to disrupt a major arms fair.

Our expertise has led to major successes that others might not have achieved. A technical point on a byelaw offence led to one successful submission of no case to answer while a Supreme Court case was deployed in another. An understanding of hunting and hunt sabotage has often led to acquittals for clients, even since the ban when the prosecution have alleged defendants are only out to spoil the fun of the hunt as they no longer hunt live quarry.

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