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Modern Slavery Representations Success

By Amy Cox  |  30.12.2022

This firm represented a highly vulnerable young person charged with possession with intent to supply Class A drugs.

Our client had a history of mental health problems having previously spent time in hospital sectioned under the Mental Health Act. He was also known to social services.

As a result of our concerns about the defendant he was assessed by both a psychiatrist and psychologist and was initially found to be unfit to plead. After some treatment his condition improved and the defendant was subsequently found fit to plead.

Following, the National Referral Mechanism, the Single Competent Authority decided there were conclusive grounds to accept the defendant was victim of modern slavery. Despite all of the above information the CPS intended to continue with the prosecution in this case until they were persuaded to offer no evidence by extremely detailed written representations and a modern slavery expert report commissioned by the defence team.

This case required commitment and patience to the defendant ensuring he understood the charge and court procedure, along with much engagement with experts and professionals. Instructed Counsel Hannah Edwards of 25 Bedford Row worked extremely hard on this case.

Amy Cox was the solicitor.

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