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Not guilty of importation of 650 kg cannabis

By  |  06.02.2016

Sonn Macmillan Walker secured another drug importation acquittal recently, this time of a client accused of conspiracy to import 650kg of cannabis.

Police were able to show the drugs were shipped from South Africa to Heathrow for onward transport to the West Country. Our client was alleged to have been in regular telephone contact with co-conspirators, to have made substantial cash payments to a co-conspirator in advance of the consignment’s arrival, and to have been in close contact with co-conspirators at the time of the importation. His nickname also featured in a notebook containing what the prosection claimed were ‘drug lists’. At trial we were able to demonstrate that the evidence against our client was no more than circumstantial. The jury agreed that the inevitable conclusion was not necessarily that our client was involved in the wholesale importation of massive amounts of cannabis, and unanimously acquitted him. Tim Walker acted as solicitor and Isobel McCarroll was our client’s barrister.

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