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Perverting the course of justice win

By  |  08.12.2019

We represented two defendants charged at Harrow Crown Court with perverting the course of justice. Both were acquitted after trial.

A relative of theirs had been facing allegations of fraud at a Crown Court in London. On the first day of his trial six people, including our two clients, handed out business cards relating to a company owned by him, together with £20 notes, inviting people entering the court to use the money by visiting the company’s website. It was alleged that, in doing this, our clients were deliberately trying to derail the trial.

Both clients said that they were simply helping their relative promote his business and that they were not aware that he was facing criminal proceedings. They said that they had no intention of perverting the course of justice. The prosecution alleged our clients must have known he was on trial, not least as they were handing business cards out in a relatively unpopulated street which only had the Crown Court as an obvious landmark.

A successful application for the case to be stopped was made at the conclusion of the prosecution case on behalf of one of our clients and the other was found not guilty after a three week trial.

Tom Flavin of 25 Bedford Row represented the first client and David Kitson represented the second. Rachel Hobba was the solicitor in the case.

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