Terrorism: information you might find useful

Our team of Crown Court solicitors have been involved in defending terrorism and other alleged extremist cases for over 20 years. We have the expertise and forensic knowledge to investigate your case and defend you.

Challenging evidence

The security services have been given substantial resources to investigate and prosecute alleged terrorists.  We understand the investigative methods used and the way such evidence is presented to the Court. We can help you understand complex material and, where appropriate, challenge the method by which it was obtained and the use to which it is used.

Evidence can include experts identifying foreign locations from photographs, sat-nav analysis, encrypted chat logs and cell site material, surveillance and banking evidence.  Your lawyer needs to know how to undermine that evidence.

What will happen?

The procedure can be very different too – even detention at the police station is subject to different rules.  The police may apply for a terrorism suspect to be detained for up to 14 days, which is much longer than the rarely used 96 hours for non-terrorism suspect.

If charged and remanded in custody it is likely to be in a high security unit segregated from most other prisoners. The court is often presided over by a senior judge and a leading Treasury Counsel will probably head the prosecution team. We can guide you through all this. We have a number of expert barristers that we can instruct on your behalf as part of the defence team.

We can you help you if you are accused of a terrorism offence. Call Tim Walker now on 020 7481 9157