Technology upgrade ensures best service to clients

By  |  23.11.2018

Sonn Macmillan Walker has just completed a major technology upgrade which will allow us to communicate easily with our clients wherever they are.

Video links with clients

We have installed super fast broadband which allows us to run a video link system into prisons across the country similar to that which the courts use. We can meet with clients at short notice and at considerable distance for long and complex meetings or simply to discuss a small point. This is a complementary service and of course we continue to visit clients face to face as well.

Secure document exchange

We have recently installed the LEAP case management system. This allows us access to files wherever we (and our clients) may be and it also allows us to share documents securely with clients via LawConnect, so they can read papers and approve things such as a defence statement or instructions. We store confidential documents on the LEAP server and share them with clients. The document never moves (there is no need to risk sending a copy over the internet) and can only be accessed by those to whom permission has been granted. This means that clients can have virtually instant access to their court papers and can upload their own material to their file so they know that we have seen important papers, photos and film footage. Coupled with the latest version of Office 365, our use of the latest technology keeps us at the forefront of the legal sector, benefiting our clients wherever they may be.

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