About Us

David Sonn founded the firm in 1992 with a vision of turning it into one of London’s leading criminal law practices, defending a range of offences with skill, passion and commitment.

Joined by Euan Macmillan in 1996 and Tim Walker in 2006, the firm has forged an outstanding reputation with a team of courageous and tenacious advocates, offering access to justice for everyone. The firm is one of the largest practices specialising in criminal law in the capital.

Tim Walker left the firm in March 2020 to accept an appointment as a Circuit Judge.

Reputation and commitment

Sonn Macmillan Walker is lauded by professional bodies and directories and those whose reputations, livelihoods and liberty have been preserved through the knowledge, application and dedication of our lawyers.

From minor offences in the magistrates’ court to serious crimes in crown courts, our lawyers will leave no stone unturned in their commitment to your case.

The team includes highly experienced solicitors as well as the current generation of top law graduates and exceptional paralegals and support staff.  Our finger is on the pulse of changes in the law and we have embraced the digital age.

We offer an efficient, good value service for legally aided and privately funded cases.

Honesty, efficiency and commitment

Our pragmatic and sensitive approach embodies our values as a firm. Transparency, honesty, efficiency and commitment are the ethos by which the firm runs and thrives. We work side by side with every client, ensuring that you are fully informed and on board with every decision throughout the process.