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    Amy Cox

    Amy is head of litigation at Sonn Macmillan Walker. She qualified as a solicitor in 2007 and has specialised in criminal defence work ever since. She joined Sonn Macmillan Walker in 2008 and is now a supervisor in the crown court department.

    She is knowledgeable and experienced in defending the full spectrum of criminal offences, and is highly skilled at representing youths and vulnerable individuals suffering from mental health problems.

    Thorough and hardworking, Amy is committed to every client and works tirelessly in every case, making extensive defence enquires when necessary.

    She is approachable and sensitive to the varied needs of clients.


    Areas of Expertise

    Serious crown court cases


    Large scale conspiracies



    Historical sex cases

    Human trafficking

    Recent successes

    R v S [2021] – In 2018, our client’s 31 day trial for conspiracy to supply class A drugs resulted in a hung jury. In 2021, after a further 18 day trial, he was unanimously acquitted of these extremely serious allegations. Click here to read more.

    R v K [2021] – After a 10 day trial involving a successful legal argument regarding significant comments on arrest, our client was acquitted of serious sexual offences, avoiding a potential sentence of life imprisonment. Click here to read more.

    R v Z [2021] – Following detailed written representations, two charges were replaced with with a caution for drugs offences and discontinuance for taking a pedal cycle without the owner’s consent. Click here to read more.

    R v K [2021] – Our client was accused of a causing s20 grievous bodily harm. The Prosecution offered no evidence in relation to our client at an early stage in the proceedings.

    R v K [2020] – Our client, with others, was accused of taking the complainant from one location where he was stripped, assaulted and held against his will for a number of hours. Our client was acquitted of all charges he faced. Click here to read more.

    R v P [2020] – Our client was accused of playing a significant role in a 6-handed conspiracy to supply Class A and Class C drugs. The evidence consisted of surveillance and extensive telephone evidence. Our client was acquitted. Click here to read more.

    R v J [2020] – Our client pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply class A drugs and class C drugs. He received a suspended sentence. Click here to read more.

    R v HJ [2020] – Our client pleaded guilty to two counts of possession with intent to supply Class A drugs and possession of criminal property on a basis. He received a suspended sentence. Click here to read more.

    What people are saying

    “….thank you so much for the work you put in you are on point, you guys are wicked, thanks for getting me bail, for chasing the cps, the crown, for always returning my calls and messages, updating my family as well and writing to me. I’m so happy thank you. Big up Phoebe Coleman. Big up Amy Cox. Big up Sonn Macmillan Walker.” Client, 2021.

    “Excellent service and support from Amy Cox & Phoebe Coleman.” Client, 2021.

    “I am really grateful for all the work you . . . are doing for me. I have recently read two books by The Secret Barrister and have learned about all the cuts to legal aid and everything else. You and Anna have gone above and beyond to help me. Many thanks.” Client, 2021.

    “Once again thank you so much for your support and service through one of the most stressful periods of my life, providing a glimmer of hope through a very dark period.” Client, 2021.

    “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your professional yet compassionate and reassuring conduct through my case till the very end.” Client, 2020.