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    Amy Cox

    Amy is head of litigation at Sonn Macmillan Walker. She qualified as a solicitor in 2007 and has specialised in criminal defence work ever since. She joined Sonn Macmillan Walker in 2008 and is now a supervisor in the crown court department.

    Amy is a founding member and Vice chair of Women in Criminal Law, an organisation supporting women in working in crime. Her work with Women in Criminal Law and beyond meant that she was also a top 5 finalist for the 2021 Inspirational Women in Law Awards.

    She is knowledgeable and experienced in defending the full spectrum of criminal offences, and is highly skilled at representing youths and vulnerable individuals suffering from mental health problems. She is approachable and sensitive to the varied needs of clients.

    Thorough and hardworking, Amy is committed to every client and works tirelessly in every case, making extensive defence enquires when necessary.

    Amy was listed as a Band 3 practitioner in the Chambers and Partners 2024 rankings and a Next Generation Partner in the Legal 500 2024 rankings due to significant recognition from clients and barristers alike.


    Areas of Expertise

    Serious crown court cases


    Large scale conspiracies



    Historical sex cases

    Human trafficking

    Recent successes

    R v C (2024) – We opposed applications to adduce hearsay evidence and drafted a letter of representations to the Crown requesting the decision to prosecute our client for 3 offences, including s.20 GBH be reviewed. The Crown responded by offering no evidence for all charges. Click here to read more.

    R v M (2024) – Benefit figure reduced by over £1.2 million in Confiscation Proceedings – click here to ready more.

    R v W (2023) – After 2 hung juries, not-guilty verdicts were entered for our client to rape and other offences. Click here to read more.

    R v L (2023) – After a 7 day trial, our client received a not guilty verdict for s18 GBH. Click here to read more.

    R v X (2023) – After detailed written representations, our client’s s18 charge was dropped before trial. Click here to read more.

    R v S (2022) – Our client was accused of rape with two others. He was unanimously acquitted following a 7 day trial. Click here to read more.

    R v T (2022) – Our client faced POCA proceedings regarding a £9 million drugs conspiracy. Following our s.17 and negotiations, his benefit figure was agreed to be £82,470. Click here to read more.

    R v X (2022) – Our youth client who faced charges of murder and manslaughter was acquitted of murder and following a hung jury, the prosecution offered no evidence on the manslaughter charge. Click here to read more.

    R v B (2022) Our client was accused of aggravated burglary. Following in excess of 10 expert reports, our client received a special verdict of not guilty by reason of insanity and a hospital order. Her second case was discontinued following our written representations. Click here to read more.

    R v C (2022) We represented an 18 year old of good character, who following 2 aborted trials, was acquitted of two counts of kidnap, two counts of false imprisonment and one count of blackmail. Click here to read more.

    R v T (Enforcement) (2022) – Our representations succeeded in avoiding the imposition of a 12 month default sentence, in relation to a client whose confiscation order had been unpaid as to 100k for 3 years. We persuaded the prosecution to accept an offer to buy our client’s house which would allow his wife to remain living in the property. Click here to read more.

    R v E (2021) We argued that our client had no hidden assets to satisfy a confiscation order for over £400,000. After lengthy negotiations with the prosecution, the benefit figure was reduced to £153,686.28 and the available amount was reduced to just £15,000. Click here to read more.

    IS v O (2021) Prosecution for 9 offences including 4 offences of high value fraud was dropped against our client following a written abuse of process argument. Click here to read more.

    R v C [2021] Our client was acquitted of two charges of sexual assault and one charge of criminal damage following a trial of issue. Click here to read more.

    R v S [2021] – In 2018, our client’s 31 day trial for conspiracy to supply class A drugs resulted in a hung jury. In 2021, after a further 18 day trial, he was unanimously acquitted of these extremely serious allegations. Click here to read more.

    R v K [2021] – After a 10 day trial involving a successful legal argument regarding significant comments on arrest, our client was acquitted of serious sexual offences, avoiding a potential sentence of life imprisonment. Click here to read more.

    R v Z [2021] – Following detailed written representations, two charges were replaced with with a caution for drugs offences and discontinuance for taking a pedal cycle without the owner’s consent. Click here to read more.

    R v K [2021] – Our client was accused of a causing s20 grievous bodily harm. The Prosecution offered no evidence in relation to our client at an early stage in the proceedings.

    R v K [2020] – Our client, with others, was accused of taking the complainant from one location where he was stripped, assaulted and held against his will for a number of hours. Our client was acquitted of all charges he faced. Click here to read more.

    R v P [2020] – Our client was accused of playing a significant role in a 6-handed conspiracy to supply Class A and Class C drugs. The evidence consisted of surveillance and extensive telephone evidence. Our client was acquitted. Click here to read more.

    R v J [2020] – Our client pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply class A drugs and class C drugs. He received a suspended sentence. Click here to read more.

    R v HJ [2020] – Our client pleaded guilty to two counts of possession with intent to supply Class A drugs and possession of criminal property on a basis. He received a suspended sentence. Click here to read more.

    What people are saying

    “Her strategic way of dealing with cases is great and her judgement is brilliant.” Chambers and Partners Rankings, 2024

    “I think Amy is one of the most phenomenal solicitors I’ve ever worked with – she really cares, nothing is too much trouble and she won’t leave anything unchecked.”
    Chambers and Partners Rankings, 2024

    “Amy Cox is a truly standout partner in the field of serious crime. Her unwavering commitment to clients sets her apart from others in the field and is reflected in her exceptional results.” Legal 500 Rankings, 2024

    “I’d like to thank you for your kindness, support and professionalism you demonstrated during the past few months of dealing with my case. I admire your composure, work ethic and appreciate the guidance you gave to me. Mentally I was not coping well, but with your reassuring and affable demeanour I was put at ease and for that, I thank you immensely. I will always be grateful for your efforts.” Client, 2023.

    “Just wanted to send a quick email expressing my thanks. I know it’s your job and my case was fairly a simple but lengthy one over time but I wanted to thank you for all of your guys work and diligence in handling my case and wish all of you guys further success in all that you do in the future.” Client, 2023.

    “Amy Cox is excellent. She is very personable and good
    with lay clients. She retains a seemingly perfect control
    and recollection of each case.”
    Third Party, 2023.

    “Amy Cox is an impressive solicitor who manages
    her cases with efficiency and compassion. She is
    exceptionally patient, and she ensures her clients’
    cases are defended and prepared from the very start of
    the investigation. She works above and beyond what is
    required, ensuring that the case is ready in good time
    for the hearings and the trial.” Third Party, 2023.

    “Amy Cox handles work all over the country. She deals
    with organised crime, drugs, multiheaded murders,
    sex cases etcetera. She is one of those people who is a
    bit quiet but brilliant. She is silent but deadly, a lethal
    weapon in your team. She does not come across as loud
    but is absolutely on it.” Third Party, 2023.

    “Just want say a massive thank you for being dedicated, and making me keep positive within the one year period in my case.” Client, 2023

    “First and foremost, let me pass over my highest appreciation for your work over the last months. I’m aware I may have been difficult to deal with, or time-demanding on your side, but I’m extremely grateful for you working very hard towards the outcome we achieved today. Quite directly, I owe you my freedom, and that means the world to me!” Client, 2023.

    “Just like to say thank you for all your help with my case and getting the result I needed. I appreciate all the extra work you put in and working after hours!” Client, 2023.

    “I once again wanted to thank you and the team for helping [client]. You have done great job and we are both thrilled that the case was dropped. We are very grateful for your efforts.” Client’s sister, 2022.

    “Not guilty! Thank you a million, you and the whole firm are simply amazing. Wish you all the best!” Client, 2022.

    “Amy Cox only has one gear – excellence.” Legal 500, 2023 Rankings.

    “Amy Cox – extremely hard working and dedicated to her clients.” Legal 500, 2023 rankings.

    “Amy Cox was the best solicitor to have, she was professional and determined to get the right outcome for me. She went above and beyond for me at every stage of the case and left no stone unturned in securing an acquittal. Frederick Legg was also very supportive throughout and he was always there to answer any queries and act on any concerns I had. I would highly recommend this team to anyone.” Client’s girlfriend, 2022.

    “Thank you so much for your help and support throughout this traumatic experience. You have been so helpful and supportive and I apologise that I got emotional at times it was not personal. Once again thank you for all of your help and for looking after [my sister] so well.” Client’s sister, 2022.

    “Also can I just say a big thank you to all of you for the hard work, help and support and getting me to a position I’m happy to accept. Thank you all.” Client, 2022.

    “Thank you Amy and team for guiding us both through this process.” – Client’s mum, 2022.

    “Thank you from both of us. We’re so happy and we really owe it to you alerting us on what was going on and helping us throughout. Thank you.” Client’s mum, 2022.

    “Thank you so much for everything. Of course if it wasn’t for you this couldn’t have happened so thank you so much… and for still believing me… even though [..] all the difficulties. I can’t thank you enough. Thank you.” Client, 2022.

    “Amy has been fantastic, I suffer with anxiety and she has had to deal with my constant calls..(…)..she has kept me calm is an absolute credit to your company.” Client, 2022.

    “After my previous experience of law firms, it is refreshing to be treated so well and I will have no hesitation in recommending your services in the future. Thank you.” Client, 2022.

    “I really appreciate your professionalism and support in dealing with [client’s] case…Many thanks to your team members too.” Client’s sister, 2022.

    “I would like to thank [Phoebe] and Amy for all the support and guidance throughout this period and for answering all my questions – it’s much appreciated.” Client, 2022.

    “Thank you so much, to you, Amy, and David. Your team has ended a nightmare that I have been living since 2007, words can not express the gratitude I feel. I wish you all a very happy new year and a wonderful prosperous life.” Client’s mother, 2022.

    “Amy Cox is a brilliant and committed solicitor who does everything she can to get the right results for her clients.” Legal 500, 2022 rankings.

    “Amy Cox is a first-class lawyer; her reputation with clients is nationwide. Her case management is second to none, and she is also so good at picking the right counsel for the right case, ensuring her clients have the best outcome – whether that’s avoiding charge altogether or getting brilliant results on the most unpromising cases.” Legal 500, 2022 rankings.

    “Amy Cox is an excellent solicitor with great organisational skills.” Legal 500, 2022 rankings.

    “As a receipt of Legal Aid, I have never felt undervalued by SMW” Client, 2021.

    “….I wanted to thank you all for your help in dealing with my brother’s case. I realise that it has been extremely difficult to work during a pandemic, but you kept the line of communication open with us.” Client’s sister, 2021.

    “….thank you so much for the work you put in you are on point, you guys are wicked, thanks for getting me bail, for chasing the cps, the crown, for always returning my calls and messages, updating my family as well and writing to me. I’m so happy thank you. Big up Phoebe Coleman. Big up Amy Cox. Big up Sonn Macmillan Walker.” Client, 2021.

    “Excellent service and support from Amy Cox & Phoebe Coleman.” Client, 2021.

    “I am really grateful for all the work you . . . are doing for me. I have recently read two books by The Secret Barrister and have learned about all the cuts to legal aid and everything else. You and Anna have gone above and beyond to help me. Many thanks.” Client, 2021.

    “Once again thank you so much for your support and service through one of the most stressful periods of my life, providing a glimmer of hope through a very dark period.” Client, 2021.

    “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your professional yet compassionate and reassuring conduct through my case till the very end.” Client, 2020.