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    Amy Cox

    Amy qualified as a solicitor in 2007 and has specialised in criminal defence work ever since. She joined Sonn Macmillan Walker in 2008 and is now a supervisor in the crown court department.

    Amy is head of litigation at Sonn Macmillan Walker. She qualified as a solicitor in 2007 and joined the firm a year later. Amy specialises in criminal defence work and is a supervisor in the crown court department.

    She is knowledgeable and experienced in defending the full spectrum of criminal offences, and is highly skilled at representing youths and vulnerable individuals suffering from mental health problems.

    Thorough and hardworking, Amy is committed to every client and works tirelessly in every case, making extensive defence enquires when necessary.

    She is approachable and sensitive to the varied needs of clients.


    Areas of Expertise

    Serious crown court cases


    Large scale conspiracies



    Historical sex cases

    Human trafficking

    Amy's recent successes


    R v IY – 2017 – conspiracy to rob – multi defendant case concerning an attack on a travellers site including the use of firearms and various weapons to steal.

    R v BL – 2017 – manslaughter – represented one of three defendants accused of being party to a plan to intimidate and threaten with a firearm, which resulted in a shooting.  The defendant accepted presence at the scene but denied knowledge.  Acquitted.  Our client had learning difficulties and required the assistance of an intermediary.

    R v BK – 2017 – conspiracy to commit aggravated burglary – multi defendant case concerning a series of 17 moped led burglaries and robberies of mobile phone shops.  Loss valued at 1 million.

    R v EB – 2017 – youth charged with rape – allegations of repeated sexual assault and rape of the defendant’s younger cousin.  The defendant was convicted in the Youth Court, but avoided immediate imprisonment.

    R v VH & CM – 2016 – conspiracy to control prostitution for gain and human trafficking – represented two of four defendants accused of being party to a network involving over 100 mobile phones providing prostitution services.

    R v EG -2016 – attempted murder – a youth accused of pushing a young female with rival gang links onto a train track ahead of an oncoming train.  The defendant was acquitted of attempted murder, but convicted of attempted GBH.

    R v JL – 2016 – s18 GBH – one punch incident in a nightclub that led to the complainant suffering a brain injury.  The defendant raised self defence.  Acquitted.

    R v JN – 2015 – murder and rape – represented a defendant accused of a violent spree of offending over a few hours wherein he was accused of raping one individual, sexually assaulting her daughter, and murdering an unrelated male by stabbing.  Legal aid was transferred to our firm approximately 1 month before trial.  The defendant was acquitted of the sexual offences.

    R v DC – fraud by false representation – the defendant gained investment in his company from independent investors, and family and friends, on the basis of false information about the company and it’s assets.  The defendant pleaded guilty on a very detailed and limited basis.  The basis was crucial in subsequent confiscation proceedings.

    R v MA – s18 GBH – represented a male accused of an unprovoked stabbing of a London tourist.  The defendant was found not guilty by reason of insanity.

    R v X – rape and theft – the defendant was accused of befriending and then raping a transsexual he met on the street in the early hours of the morning.  The defendant accepted presence and stealing the complainants bag following the sexual intercourse but stated all sexual activity was consensual.  Acquitted.

    R v SC – historic inter-family rape – 40 year old allegations.  The defendant was acquitted following a successful abuse of process argument as a result of the delay.