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    David Bloom

    David joined Sonn Macmillan Walker in February 2017. He specialises in serious and complex criminal cases and associated PoCA litigation.

    Having qualified as a solicitor in 2010 at a busy London firm, David has extensive experience and expertise in defending high-profile allegations brought by the CPS, NCA, SFO, FCA and HMRC often involving multiple defendants and voluminous pages of prosecution material.

    David regularly advises corporate and individual clients in respect of cash seizures and account freezing orders, as well as professionals accused of sensitive offences, including of a sexual nature, where effective representations are required.

    His efforts ‘upstream’ often lead to charging decisions being reversed and, ‘downstream’, to dramatic decreases in confiscation orders. Throughout the process, David makes sure each client is fully supported.

    David has Higher Rights of Audience, which means he can represent clients in the Crown Court and anticipate issues as he meticulously prepares and litigates cases.

    David has contributed articles to leading legal journals and most recently written a major chapter on criminal investigations and prosecutions for a forthcoming Bloomsbury Professional’s publication.

    David represents both privately-funded and legally-aided clients.

    Areas of expertise

    Financial crime

    Confiscation proceedings

    Sexual offences including of a historic nature

    Serious violent offences

    David's recent successes

    R v X – Our client, a medical professional, was accused of assault. We made robust representations to the police and professional regulator and she received outcomes of no further action and no case to answer respectively. Click here to read more.

    Financial crime

    POCA Success 2023 – Following the instruction of a cultural expert and analysis of extensive banking material, £68k was unfrozen in our client’s accounts. Click here to read more.

    POCA success 2023 – Following concerted efforts and representations, HMRC confirmed it was satisfied £170,000 in mixed currencies seized from our client was not linked to any unlawful contact. Click here to read more.

    POCA success 2023 – Following submission of a detailed statement and expert evidence, the Prosecution withdrew a £1.26 million Confiscation Order application against out client. Click here to read more.

    HMRC Account Freezing Order: Following our detailed representations, HMRC applied to discharge their freezing order for an account containing more than £330,000 of our client’s money. Far from being the proceeds of crime, the bank account contained legitimate business and personal funds. Click here to read more.

    R v G (2021) Following prolonged negotiations with the Prosecution and submission of a detailed statement and over 400 pages of supporting evidence, the criminal lifestyle assumptions were defeated and our client’s confiscation order was reduced by £1.15 million. Click here to read more.

    R v M &Ors (2021) – Pursuant to written representations, the NCA were persuaded to withdraw their application to freeze £685,000 belonging to 4 high net worth clients in a multi-jurisdictional case. Click here to read more.

    R v S & Ors (2020) – “Operation Mandolin”: confiscation proceedings – available amount reduced from £600,000 to £175,000 for conspirator in tobacco exercise duty fraud. For local press, click here.

    Metropolitan Police v T (a company) (2019) – cash seizure – full amount (£690,000) returned to our client (an MSB) after police accepted documentary evidence confirming cash purchased wholesale and in good faith with no knowledge of its tainted origins.

    FCA v M & Ors (2019) – “Operation Alfreton” & “Operation Gault” confiscation proceedings – available amount £300,000 (‘tainted’ gifts to family members) reduced to just under £30,000 payable as compensation as FCA accepted most transfers bona fide loans or else not ‘gifts’ at all. For national press, click here.

    R v S [2019] EWCA Crim 569 – confiscation appeal – the Court of Appeal approved for the first time a percentage reduction of the “available amount” based, at least in part, on the length of time that had elapsed since the original order was made. For a summary, click here.

    R v X (a company) & C (2019) – VAT litigation – our clients, a company and its sole director, were both charged with failing to pay a £44,000 VAT security bond. A comprehensive abuse of process argument was filed, and the allegation discontinued less than a week before the magistrates’ Court trial.

    R v H & Ors (2019), “Operation Wessex” – confiscation proceedings – our client was convicted of the distribution of class A and B drugs. Benefit figure of £3.3 million and ‘hidden assets’ asserted reduced to £719,000 and £61,000 determined as available.

    SFO v W (2019) – restraint proceedings – our client’s considerable assets, including a special purpose vehicle company, were restrained as a result of a major criminal investigation. After lengthy representations, the SFO agreed to vary the restraint and allow the multi-million-pound sale of the client’s company.

    R v Y (2018) – confiscation proceedings – we were instructed after the client’s previous solicitors went into administration. The case attracted notoriety as Y was alleged to have disguised a substantial luxury mansion as a farm shed. The Insolvency Services asserted the benefit figure was some £8 million and there were hidden assets. After complex proceedings, £650,000 was agreed as being available with no ‘hidden assets’ pursued. For BBC coverage, click here.

    R v G (2018) – confiscation proceedings – we represented the uncle of a former England football captain who was convicted of drug importation. The prosecution’s claim of ‘hidden assets’ in excess of £1 million was defeated.

    Sexual offences

    R v P (2019) – judicial review proceedings – filed a claim on behalf of P charged with distribution of a single Category A indecent image when he was 18. Extensive written representations were made, and the criminal proceeding discontinued without even a caution being administered.

    R v S (2019) – Crown Court appeal – lower court conviction for sexual touching (when represented by a court-appointed lawyer) successfully appealed and his sentence, which included registration as sex offender, was quashed.

    R v H & Anor (2018) – “Operation Westview”, Crown Court trial – client acquitted of three offences of rape but convicted of other historic sexual offences. The case followed a large-scale investigation, charges having been authorised by the Director of Public Prosecutions. Click here for national press coverage.

    Violent offences

    R v T (2017) – Crown Court trial – represented T charged with a serious wounding having been captured on hotel CCTV repeatedly striking another wedding guest with a wine bottle. The defence of non-insane automatism was advanced and expert defence medical evidence suggested our client had been concussed by an unknown assailant shortly before the index assault. After trial, the Court was persuaded to depart to an almost unprecedented degree from the sentencing guidelines and imposed a sentence of less than 4 years.

    David's publications

    ‘The risks of failing to give security for VAT’ David Bloom and Nathaniel Rudolf QC (25 Bedford Row) examine Pugsley & Anor v DPP [2022] EWHC 425 (Admin) in this article for Accountancy Daily. Click here to read the article.

    ‘“Urgent need for central co-ordination” in tackling serious and organised crime’, LexisNexis Current Awareness, 28/06/19 (comment)

    ‘Unexplained wealth orders. Explained’, New Law Journal, N.L.J. 2018, 168(7784), 13-14 [cover story]

    ‘Piercing the corporate veil in confiscation proceedings’, Solicitor’s Journal, S.J. 2017, 161(25), 30-31

    What people are saying

    “I received an excellent service throughout the progress of the case with a ‘strive to win’ attitude, which was hugely appreciated!” Client, 2023.

    “David supported me and my partner throughout the process which was very stressful due to the accusations. My case had a level of uncertainty which David investigated to understand in more detail which helped me mentally to move forward at difficult times. I finally received a positive outcome and I’m able to move forward with my life. David was always available to answer the phone and I would highly recommended him.” – Client, 2023.

    “Thanks so much for all your guidance… your patience and support along the way is really appreciated by us both. Very exciting to be able to move forward” Client’s partner, 2023.

    “We have all been so delighted since you took over [my husband’s] case and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for bringing it to a satisfactory outcome. [My husband’s] initial reaction is to say that he is a ‘free man’ and what a relief. For me, I will at last be able to have a decent night’s sleep without the stress of these last 10 years.” Client’s wife, Confiscation proceedings, 2023.

    “We can’t thank you enough for SMW – we are thankful for David, Fiona and Georgina for their hard work! Especially to Ms. Fiona Haddaddeen! She is incredibly smart, dedicated, relentless and always made us feel comfortable and cared for even during her off days! David and Fiona both were also very strategic in putting such a stellar team of counsels and experts for our case. Having SMW representing us as our lawyer has been Godsend and the best decision we’ve ever made! Thank you!”, Client, 2022.

    “David Bloom – extremely bright and has particular skill in dealing with financial cases.”, Legal 500, 2023 rankings.

    “I found this firm very professional and responsive to any questions and concerns I raised. I found David Bloom to be supportive and helpful. The advice given was honest, clear, and in my best interests”, Client, 2019.

    “Whilst I’ve been in custody and seen how poor some of my friends’ solicitors have been, the service by David to me has been brilliant and can’t be faulted. Thank you”, Client, 2019.

     “Thank you for your help in dealing so successfully with X’s recent difficulty. I was impressed by your skilled, sympathetic and professional management of your advice to X, and the subtlety of your dealings with and representations to the investigating officer. You have jelled to rescue X from serious adverse consequences he may have caused to himself by his stupidity. He was fortunate to have your advice and help.” Retired Circuit Judge, whose son was represented by David in 2017 and criminal charges withdrawn.

    “I write to convey my sincerest thanks for your work in my case. Without you, I suspect things may have gone very differently for me. Throughout the process you have both been excellent, and kept me well informed. I had to ask very few questions of yourselves, and of [Counsel], as I was well briefed. Without you I would not be sat here typing this email… With my freedom I am now able to look to the future, and rebuild my life.” Client, 2017.