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    Phoebe Coleman

    Phoebe joined Sonn Macmillan Walker as a paralegal in February 2019, completed her training contract with us, and qualified as a solicitor in March 2022. She is part of Crown Court team.

    Phoebe graduated from the University of Cambridge with a degree in Law in 2018. During the course of her studies she received three academic awards from Magdalene College. Phoebe has worked exclusively in crime since graduating, assisting on serious matters from murder to large scale drugs conspiracies.

    Alongside preparing her own cases, Phoebe supports head of litigation Amy Cox on serious and complex matters. Phoebe has shown a willingness to fight for the disclosure of large volumes of raw data, and the ability to tackle this complex evidence once it is served. She is also especially skilled at securing non-custodial sentences in drugs matters.

    Phoebe frequently represents young adults whose cases have been sent to the Crown Court. She has shown a commitment to client care, approaching each client with patience, kindness and pragmatism. She is passionate about understanding the perspectives of her clients and ensuring they feel supported throughout their interactions with the criminal justice system.

    What people are saying

    “You should go to sleep feeling amazing, and knowing that you helped someone.” – Client, 2023.

    “I would particularly like to mention Phoebe Coleman for her professionalism. She was always very polite, punctual, understanding, and showed great care whenever I was distressed, so I am very happy about the service I received.” Client, 2023.

    “Thank you so much! One day we met for celebrate in London! Take care! God bless” and “EXCELLENT COMPANY AND SAVE MY LIFE AND MY CAREER! Eternity thanks.” Client, 2023.

    “I wanted to take this time to thank you for all you efforts on my brother’s case. Constantly working to keep my family well informed and prepared, as well as taking the time with me to ensure we were listened to and heard. During our first conversation I was confident you know exactly what you were doing, which made myself and my family calm in spite of the unfortunate circumstances in which my brother found himself. The most important thing for me was that it felt as though you cared personally about the situation and we spoke informally which allowed me to trust you which is important especially for sensitive cases. I have no doubt you’ll continue to help people and families who find themselves in difficult situations also thank you again for all your help from myself and my family.” Client’s brother, 2023.

    “I can’t believe how professional/precise you were… and the work you have had to do in the background is amazing, I felt safe in your hands… For the whole time back in April 2021, the communication, the updates and explaining this daunting, process and getting all the stuff ready for court – I can’t begin to imagine…You are amazing dedicated, and thoughtful. You’re just the best example and Solicitor a client could wish for. You are a properly grounded, lovely, caring, woman. I felt almost as if you were a member of my family fighting for me, to make sure we got the best outcome we could possibly hope for… Phoebe I cannot believe how someone can be presented with all this information from me and the police and put it all together and get a glance into anybody’s situation. What you have done is truly unbelievable.” Client, 2023.

    “I also wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for all your hard work, guidance and support. I know that [the client] could have had a much longer sentence and you have been really supportive and helpful in being able to outline the mitigating factors linked to his case.” and “thank you so much; you made a really challenging situation easier and more manageable;
    there was a lot of kindness and compassion showed, which was so appreciated. The advice and guidance was invaluable. We are so grateful!”- Client’s sister, 2023.

    “I just wanted to text you and let you know I really appreciate all the help you provided to me before my sentencing as I’m very pleased with my outcome as you already know. Anyways I hope you take care of yourself & I wish you the best.” Client, 2022.

    “I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help with [the client’s] case, I know he’s very happy and grateful (he can eat and sleep in peace). I wanted to personally thank you Phoebe for taking care of us and how delicate you were with my story, I really appreciate it. Hopefully, we don’t have to see you guys again (no offence) but if we or I ever need a lawyer… I know who to contact.” Defence Witness, 2022.

    “You have done an excellent job for me and I can’t say thank you enough for the time and effort you have put in for me. Even though I got a conviction I am happy with the outcome and I would have no solicitor other than you. You did your job thoroughly, efficiently and very professionally. I have had a lot of solicitors in the past but you top the lot.” Client, 2022.

    “A big thank you to Phoebe Coleman, who was so kind and supportive and was always there to contact by phone or email. She always went above and beyond.” Client, 2022.

    “Also can I just say a big thank you to all of you for the hard work, help and support and getting me to a position I’m happy to accept. Thank you all.” Client, 2022.

    “After my previous experience of law firms, it is refreshing to be treated so well and I will have no hesitation in recommending your services in the future. Thank you.” Client, 2022

    “I would please ask you to recognise and thank Phoebe and Amy from the bottom of my heart. Phoebe has worked so hard on this, she is professional and pleasant to deal with, has great attention to detail and has gone above and beyond in achieving this result. There is no doubt she has a very promising career ahead of her.” Client, 2022.

    “I would like to thank you and Amy for all the support and guidance throughout this period and for answering all my questions – it’s much appreciated.” Client, 2022.

    “Phoebe Coleman – always helping”. Client, 2022.

    “Phoebe thank you so much for the work you put in you are on point, you guys are wicked, thanks for getting me bail, for chasing the cps, the crown, for always returning my calls and messages, updating my family as well and writing to me. I’m so happy thank you. Big up Phoebe Coleman. Big up Amy Cox. Big up Sonn Macmillan Walker.” Client, 2021.

    “Well done Phoebe. That is a great result (from, let’s face it, what seemed like a less than promising starting position) and purely down to all your hard work in the preparation.” Counsel, 2021.

    “Excellent service and support from Amy Cox & Phoebe Coleman.” Client, 2021.

    “A job well done by you and the team. Thank you and please pass along my appreciation to anyone included…Massive weight lifted.” Client, 2020.

    “Both Nick and Phoebe have been brilliant through the whole process and are great assets, please express my thanks to both of them.” Client, 2020.

    “I wanted say a special thank you to Phoebe for helping me resolve this case quickly. I was completely impressed by your communication skills and dedication in doing your work. You always called me back and email to update me on the development of the case.” – Client, 2019.

    Recent Cases

    R v D (2023) – Our client was acquitted of 3 counts of assaulting an emergency worker in relation to an incident with the British Transport Police. Click here to read more.

    R v R (2023) – Our client was charged with possession of a false ID document with intent and fraud. Not-guilty verdicts were entered after a successful submission of no case to answer at half-time based on a lack of prosecution evidence and a detailed defence jury bundle. Click here to read more.

    R v L (2023) – Our client received a suspended sentence for PWITS class B, dangerous driving and driving without insurance, committed during the operational period of his community order for a previous conviction of PWITS class B. Click here to read more.

    R v N (2023) – Our client was acquitted of 3 counts of sexual assault following a 4-day trial. Click here to read more.

    R v C (2023) – Our client was charged with possession of class B drugs and possession of an offensive weapon. Following our representations, our client was offered a community resolution in relation to drugs charge. In the Crown Court, we made a successful application to exclude critical evidence in relation to the possession of an offensive weapon charge. As a result, the Crown offered no evidence. Click here to read more.

    R v A (2023) – Our client was accused of inducing a child to run / stay away. We applied pressure on the Crown to disclose critical material, and the case was discontinued. Click here to read more.

    R v S (2022) – Our client was accused of rape with two others. He was unanimously acquitted following a 7 day trial. Click here to read more.

    R v T (2022) – Our client faced POCA proceedings regarding a £9 million drugs conspiracy. Following our s.17 and negotiations, his benefit figure was agreed to be £82,470. Click here to read more.

    R v H (2022) Our client pleaded guilty on a basis to possession with intent to supply class A, after he was found packaging 96 wraps of class A drugs. He was sentenced to a suspended sentence. Click here to read more.

    R v B (2022) Our client pleaded guilty to a third strike domestic burglary. We put forward persuasive mitigation and the Judge decided to depart from the mandatory sentence of 3 years imprisonment and imposed a suspended sentence. Click here to read more.

    R v M (2022) Our client pleaded guilty to one offence of theft committed in breach of a suspended sentence order made by the Court just 6 days prior to his release. Despite 29 previous convictions including 6 for theft in the last 2 years and multiple breach offences, we managed to avoid the activation of the suspended sentence and our client was released. Click here to read more.

    R v B (2022) Our client was accused of aggravated burglary. Following in excess of 10 expert reports, our client received a special verdict of not guilty by reason of insanity and a hospital order. Her second case was discontinued following our written representations. Click here to read more.

    R v T (Enforcement) (2022) – Our representations succeeded in avoiding the imposition of a 12 month default sentence, in relation to a client whose confiscation order had been unpaid as to 100k for 3 years. We persuaded the prosecution to accept an offer to buy our client’s house which would allow his wife to remain living in the property. Click here to read more.

    R v H [2021] Following written representations, the Crown offered no evidence in respect of allegations of theft and possession with intent to supply class A drugs. Click here to read more.

    R v F [2021] Our client was charged with possession with intent to supply Class A. Following a written representations, the Crown accepted a guilty plea to simple possession and our client avoided a custodial sentence. Click here to read more.

    R v J [2020] – Our client pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply Class A and Class C drugs. Following extensive mitigation, our client was sentenced to a suspended sentence. Click here to read more.