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    Poppy Ingall

    Poppy joined Sonn Macmillan Walker in 2019 having qualified as a solicitor in 2016. Poppy works in the Extradition department of the firm.

    Poppy began her career practicing criminal defence and has substantial experience in defending people at the police station, magistrates’ Court and youth Court. Poppy has also worked alongside counsel defending people in respect of a wide range of offences being heard in the Crown Court, from minor offences to the most serious and complex offences including murder and sexual offences. Poppy is passionate about ensuring people are treated fairly within the Criminal Justice System.

    Poppy has now expanded her practice to extradition law. Poppy is often at Westminster magistrates’ Court representing clients for their initial hearings; providing advice and advocacy in Court. Poppy has always had an enthusiasm for Human Rights Law, and she therefore thrives when representing people facing extradition and protecting their human rights.

    Through her expertise as a solicitor in both criminal and extradition law, Poppy has gained the experience necessary to build a strong rapport with her clients to ensure they feel supported throughout their case and receive the best possible outcome.