3 years imprisonment for client stopped with 37kg of cocaine

Rachel Hobba

25 March 2022

Our client was stopped by police driving a vehicle that was registered in his name. In that vehicle was found a sophisticated hidden compartment containing £1 million worth of cocaine (37 kgs).

The weight of the drugs placed our client outside of the sentencing guidlines even if he was determined to have a lesser role in the operation. At just 5 kgs and a lesser role, the category range is between 6 to 9 years imprisonment.

Our client maintained that he thought he may have been carrying cannabis only. He submitted a basis of plea to that effect. His case was plausible, due to the sophistcated nature of the hide. In addition, the Crown never served any forensic evidence that could refute our client’s account that he did not package the drugs and he was not present when the drugs were loaded into the vehicle.

The prosecution accepted a basis of plea, and our client was sentenced on the basis of having no knowledge of the extent of the operation. He received a sentence of three years imprisonment.

The solicitor with conduct of this matter was Rachel Hobba. She instructed Counsel James Gray of 25 Bedford Row.


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