Acquittal secured for client charged with GBH and witness intimidation

David Kitson

19 January 2022

Our client was charged with assault, and later intimidation of a witness. The complainants for both charges were the next door neighbours of his family home address.

We worked closely with the client, obtaining several defence witness statements. We also instructed a forensic expert to assess injuries sustained by the complainant.

Our in-house advocate, David Kitson strenuously defended the case in court.

After a 4 day trial our client was acquitted of all charges. The client felt supported during the preparation of the trial. His mother stated:

“Thank you so much, to Anjali, Amy, and David. Your team has ended a nightmare that I have been living since 2007, words cannot express the gratitude I feel. I wish you all a very happy new year and a wonderful prosperous life”.

This case was prepared by Head of Litigation Amy Cox, who was assisted by paralegal Anjali Keeping. David Kitson, our in-house advocate represented the client at Trial.


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