Acquittals for a man accused of sexual assault

David Sonn

25 January 2022

Sonn Macmillan Walker has secured acquittals for a client charged with sexual assault of his 2 daughters under the age of 13.

Our client was caught on CCTV touching his younger daughter’s bottom inside her knickers whilst in a room with his wife and children at an embassy in central London, where they were attending to obtain visas. The embassy were concerned by the footage and contacted the Metropolitan Police who arrested our client two days later. They then spoke to our client’s two daughters, following which our client was prosecuted for the embassy sexual assault and other assaults on his older daughter.

Our client was admitted to bail by the Crown Court, after the prosecution appealed the decision of the Magistrates’ Court to grant him bail. In the course of the trial, the judge was persuaded by leading counsel to direct the jury that the different allegations were not cross admissible and also to direct the jury that they must not draw an adverse inference from his silence in interview. Our client (a man of previous good character) explained in evidence the reason why he had touched his daughter’s bottom, and that it was not sexual and denied sexually assaulting his older daughter.

The jury unanimously acquitted our client within an hour of deliberating.

David Sonn had conduct of the case and instructed Sarah Elliott QC of Doughty Street Chambers.


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