Basis of plea agreed in 2 million pound motor vehicle fraud

Rachel Hobba

17 July 2023

Our client was charged with conspiracy to defraud more than £2 million relating to the acquisition of around 100 motor vehicles.

The prosecution’s case was that the conspirators connived to impersonate corporations, companies, partnerships, firms, and individuals to enter into finance agreements allowing them to acquire high value cars across the UK and Scotland.

This was a massive police investigation across the length and breadth of the country which resulted in our client – along with fourteen others – being charged as part of a highly complex criminal conspiracy. We meticulously distilled the key prosecution evidence which pointed to our client collecting vehicles.

Following our representations, the prosecution accepted our client’s basis of plea – namely that he was involved in 5 to 6 cars being acquired and he had no knowledge of the extent of the conspiracy outside of his own involvement. He was sentenced to a suspended sentence.

Rachel Hobba was the solicitor with conduct and David Kitson was the advocate.

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