Client acquitted of causing s18 GBH and false imprisonment

Rachel Hobba

07 November 2023

Our client was charged with s18 grievous bodily harm with intent, or s20 grievous bodily harm in the alternative. He was also charged with false imprisonment. The incident was essentially a neighbourhood dispute. 

The prosecution alleged that our client had caused severe injuries to the complainant with a hammer and held him against his will. Our client argued that he had acted in self-defence throughout the incident. 

It was the defence case that in fact the complainant attended at our client’s mother’s property in an extremely aggressive and confrontational manner. Our client stated that the complainant assaulted his mother and himself. During the assault by the complainant, and whilst our client was still on the floor, he stated that he reached out and was able to grab hold of a hammer which he then used to try to stop the complainant from continuing the assault. 

Following this assault, our client’s case was that he stopped the complainant from leaving the room by pushing a wardrobe to block the doorway. Our client then called the police. His case was that at no point did the defendant use more than reasonable force in the circumstances. 

We instructed a medical expert, and were able to agree facts for trial regarding our client’s medical condition that affected his mobility. 

Following a 5-day trial, our client was acquitted of all charges. 

Kaja Reiff-Musgrove of Drystone Chambers was instructed and Rachel Hobba was the solicitor with conduct of this case. 

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