Client Released on License After Sentence for Class A Drugs Conspiracy

Rachel Hobba

05 June 2024

Our client  was charged with others with counts of conspiracy to supply class A drugs and conspiracy to possess ammunition and a firearm with intent endanger life.

He denied the firearms counts but accepted a lesser role in respect of the drugs count, namely that he was simply a driver for the others and working under direction.

Before the trial, our client’s health deteriorated and he was deemed unfit to take part in the trial

Those who stood trial were found guilty of all counts and sentences ranged from 9 to 15 years.

After lengthy representations the prosecution, although not in agreement on the whole, took no issue with the basis and were content for the firearms matters to lay on file.

Our client spent a period of treatment in a secure hospital, and was sentenced on the basis that his role was limited. He received 16 months' imprisonment. Given that he had already served more than this on remand, he was released on license after the sentence hearing.

Rachel Hobba was the solicitor with conduct of the case. She instructed Roderick James of Crucible Chambers.

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