POCA Benefit Amount Reduced by £19.5 Million

Lorena Lowen

18 December 2023

Our client was convicted of Conspiracy to Launder on 6 January 2023. He was accused of transporting large quantities of cash around the country as part of a money-laundering conspiracy that laundered at least £45 million. Our client was arrested driving a van carrying £301,895 on 26 March 2021 and the prosecution calculated his total benefit from the conspiracy to be £19,546,506.69.

We successfully argued that as our client was a PAYE employee of the transport company who received a regular wage, his only benefit was the wages he received for the job. The prosecution could not demonstrate that he received any payment from the conspiracy beyond his wages. The prosecution acceded to our submissions and reduced our client’s benefit figure to £14,244.25. This was agreed on 30 November 2023.

Lorena Lowen, assisted by Hugo Cheema-Grubb, instructed Jonathan Duffy of 7 Harrington Street.

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