Unanimous Acquittal in Rape Case

Amy Cox

12 January 2023

Our client was accused, with 2 others, of oral rape in 2018. 

Our client strenuously denied the allegation, explaining that the sexual activity between him and the complainant was consensual. 

Our case preparation involved detailed consideration of the DNA evidence and unused material in this matter. We were able to identify important inconsistencies in the complainant’s account. We also applied pressure on the prosecution for additional disclosure where it was required. 

We took witness statements from others present with the parties prior to the alleged incident. As our client was of good character, we also took statements from character references that could tell the Court about the kind of person they believe our client to be. In total, three defence witnesses gave live evidence to the Court. 

Following a 7-day trial, our client was unanimously acquitted. Our client was extremely relieved and happy with the outcome. 

Amy Cox was the solicitor with conduct of this case. She was assisted throughout by Phoebe Coleman. Clea Topolski of Crucible Law was instructed Counsel. 

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