Sexual offences

Allegations of sexual offences are widespread and often involve the testimony of an accuser without further evidence.

Sometimes these allegations are historic. The police almost always act upon these types of allegations even where there is no supporting evidence and these accusations can be particularly distressing especially if you know they are false.

Sex offences include rape, sexual assault, voyeurism, exposure and possession of indecent images. The complainants are often children as well as adults. These allegations are so prevalent that an estimated 40% of crown court cases involve sexual offences. We can help you through this complex and inevitably distressing process.

Anyone facing an allegation of a sexual nature must engage an experienced and skilled lawyer to explore and challenge the prosecution material and press for potentially important disclosure.

Evidential matters in sexual offence trials include:

  • Witnesses with special measures such as screens, video links and intermediaries
  • Restrictions on cross examining complainants
  • DNA evidence (eg statistical analysis, low copy number and subjective analysis)
  • Computer evidence and analysis of digital media

Sonn Macmillan Walker has considerable experience of defending clients charged with all types of sexual offence including the most serious charges.

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