Sexual offences

We have a team of solicitors with expertise in defending sex cases including allegations of rape, sexual assault, historic sex cases, indecent images of children, voyeurism and upskirting.

Sometimes these allegations are historic. The police frequently act upon these types of allegations even where there is no supporting evidence and these accusations can be particularly distressing especially if you know they are false.

Sex offences include rape, sexual assault, voyeurism, exposure and possession of indecent images. The complainants can be children as well as adults. We can help you through this complex and inevitably distressing process.

When facing an allegation of a sexual nature you need an experienced and skilled solicitor to explore and challenge the prosecution material and applying pressure for potentially important disclosure.

Evidential matters in sexual offence trials include:

• Witnesses with special measures such as screens, video links and intermediaries
• Restrictions on cross-examining complainants
• DNA evidence
• Computer evidence and analysis of digital media

Sonn Macmillan Walker has many years’ experience dealing with these matters and defending clients charged with all types of sexual offences.

Recent Cases

This firm is acting for multiple suspects in police investigations alleging sexual offences including a practising General Practitioner alleged to have sexually assaulted female patients, and a practising surgeon alleged to have raped his girlfriend. These and multiple other allegations await a decision as to whether our client will be prosecuted. These investigations have been delayed due to the pandemic.

Additionally, this firm is representing multiple defendants in Crown Court cases who await trial. These cases include the retrial of a Head Teacher accused of historic sexual offences and the trial of a client accused of historic sex offences in relation to a paedophile ring in Sheffield.

R v A (2023) Our client was accused of rape and fraud offences. He was acquitted of rape after trial, and convicted by majority of the fraud offences only. Click here to read more.

R v A (2022) Unanimous acquittals secured for a man accused of child sexual assault. Click here to read more.

R v C (2021) Having been found to be unfit to plead, our client was acquitted of two charges of sexual assault and one charge of criminal damage following a trial of issue. Click here to read more.

R v BD (2020) Our client was acquitted of voyeurism after a 5 day trial. Click here to read more.

P, R (On the Application Of) v DPP (2019) Our client was charged with distribution of an indecent image. We made extensive representation to the CPS regarding their decision to charge, and subsequently filed a Judicial Review claim. The CPS reconsidered their position and the proceedings were discontinued. Click here to read more.

R v G (2019) Our client was acquitted of 14 allegations of historic sex offences, including assault by penetration. Click here to read more.

R v S (2019) Our client was convicted of sexual assault at Waterloo station. We successfully appealed his conviction. Click here to read more.