Lorena Lowen

Lorena is a tenacious and skilled litigator with over 17 years' experience. 

Lorena works on the most serious Crown Court cases includes homicides, serious organised crime including involving drugs and firearms, serious violence and sexual offences.  She also has extensive experience in respect of multi million pound fraud and money laundering matters.  Lorena sees cases through to their conclusion and is also adept at representing client’s during Confiscation Proceedings. 

Lorena qualified as a solicitor in 2005 and worked at another reputable criminal defence practice before joining Sonn Macmillan Walker in 2016.  Lorena attends the police station and Magistrates Court but specialises in Crown Court litigation.  Lorena undertakes both privately funded and legal aid work.  

Expert in Serious Organised Crime

Due to Lorena’s many years of experience in this practice area she has amassed skills and knowledge in representing client’s facing the full spectrum of criminal offences and deals with each client and case with the same degree of care.  Over recent years Lorena has particular experience in representing defendants accused of large scale serious organised crime, with a particular focus on cases involving encrypted mobile phones.  In these cases Lorena has been persistent and determined in her approach to disclosure and has regularly made section 8 applications.  She has been working with leading experts and Counsel in the field.  Prior to these Operation Venetic cases Lorena already had substantial experience in dealing with large scale drugs conspiracies involving drugs dealing and drugs importations.  

Lorena has much experience in dealing with homicide cases having worked on these allegations in various circumstances including stabbings, shootings, gang killings, and murders in domestic settings.     

Sensitive Approach 

In her experience with cases involving serious sexual offences Lorena is alive to the distressing nature of such allegations to her clients and is kind and reassuring in her approach to clients whilst ensuring they understand and appreciate the seriousness of the allegations.  

Lorena has particular experience in working with vulnerable defendants and can earn the trust and confidence of such individuals and their families.  She regularly acts for defendants with a history of mental health issues and will always explore how these conditions will affect their cases whether that involves instructing experts to asses their fitness to plead, consideration of the defence of insanity, and other rare conditions.  As an example Lorena has previously explored whether a client was suffering from Excited Delirium Syndrome/Acute Behavioural Disorder and whether this would provide them with a defence, including Automatism.  

Thorough Caseworker

Within the large scale cases Lorena is accustomed to working on, they often comprise of multiple defendants and voluminous evidence.  Lorena is thorough and measured in her approach to even the largest of cases getting to the heart of the material at ease.  Lorena is known for her attention to detail.  She is able to analyse complex cases identifying and considering the key evidence for her clients.  She is then able to skilfully advise her client about the key matters for them in a clear and easy to understand manner.  

In all of her casework Lorena is able to swiftly identify the need for defence expert evidence and has working relationships with many leading experts for example in cell site analysis.  She identifies and pursues legal arguments and will follow any lead in respect of defence evidence taking defence witness statements and if necessary making application for third party disclosure for example in respect of her clients phone records.  

Legally Minded

Lorena’s excellence when it comes to drafting often leads to her making successful written representation to the Prosecution to reconsider decisions to prosecute matters, or to persuade the Prosecution to accept pleas to less serious offences.  

Lorena is a highly motivated and dedicated solicitor, with excellent communication skills allowing her to always engage successfully with client and Counsel alike, as well as striving for the best possible results in every case.  

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