Marlon Grossman

Marlon joined Sonn Macmillan Walker in 2021 and is a solicitor with over 15 years' experience, who works on the most complex and substantial of cases. 

Marlon qualified as a solicitor in 2007 and began his career representing clients at the police station and in the magistrates’ court. He subsequently gained his higher rights qualification and began working in the Crown Court, developing his advocacy before juries and appearing before the Court of Appeal.  Marlon is therefore a solicitor who is extremely experienced at representing individuals at all stages of criminal proceedings.   

Financial Crime and Extradition Expertise  

Marlon also undertakes work in respect of Confiscation proceedings and other financial matters such as account freezing orders and asset forfeiture.  Since joining Sonn Macmillan Walker, Marlon is developing his extradition practice and brings his criminal experience to this challenging and fraught area of law.  Marlon undertakes work on both a legal aid and a private paying basis.  

Marlon is experienced in representing clients charged with the most serious of offences including serious violence and murder, large scale drug conspiracies, money laundering and financial crime. 

Very High Cost Cases Specialist  

Marlon has recently taken the lead fee earner role at Sonn Macmillan Walker in the preparation of two VHCC’s (Very High Cost Cases).  One case involved an organised crime group allegedly involved in the largest ever importation of Class A and B drugs prosecuted in the UK, the second related to an allegation of cheating the revenue of VAT.  Both were multi defendant cases.   

Marlon is able to excel in the preparation of these cases due to his thorough and planned approach, which is necessary in VHCC’s due to the considerable volume of evidence in these cases which can run to the hundreds of thousands.  These cases also often involve complicated expert evidence.  Marlon is a calm and considered individual who will methodically consider and analyse evidence.     

Insightful Client Focus  

Marlon is a solicitor who believes the key to excellent representation is building a strong working relationship with his client. He is an individual who is approachable, patient and pleasant  he strives to ensure his clients feel supported throughout their cases. 

Marlon is able to bring the same high standard of preparation, dedication and client care that he uses in VHCC’s to any case, however small.  He is often complimented by clients for his attention and focus on their case and clearly appreciates the importance of the outcome for every client.  He is an experienced advocate and is an intelligent, knowledgeable and persuasive voice in the magistrates’ court.   

Marlon's Notable Cases

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"Thank you doesn’t quite cut it, but thank you for representing my son today. You were impeccable. Myself and his Dad are happy with the outcome, and we feel it will be a lesson well learnt for my son in the future. Many many thanks again. "

Client's Mum, 2024

"I am writing to you, to express something that simple words in an email can scarcely convey – our profound and heartfelt gratitude for everything you have done for us. Your unwavering support, expertise, and compassion have been more than just professional guidance; they have been a source of strength and comfort in one of the most challenging periods of our lives. Thank you, once again, for being our pillars of strength."

Client, 2023

"I chose Sonn McMillan walker for a second time to represent me in court as the first time round was an astounding result with David kitson circa 2019! This time around I liaised with Marlon Grossman who is so patient and pleasant to communicate with nothing is too much for Marlon who then allocated me a barrister daniel cavalier with only days notice from myself and once again we’ve had another astounding and unexpected result in court! I highly recommend daniel he is absolutely invaluable with his extensive knowledge and expertise in his field, I’m one happy client. Please do not hesitate to use sonn McMillan walker if you’re ever in need no matter how big or small you think your case is these guys are excellent! Money well spent!"

Client, 2023

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