Phoebe Coleman

Phoebe is a highly intelligent, thorough, and empathetic solicitor who prepares serious and complex Crown Court cases, alongside attending the magistrates’ court and police station.  

She has significant experience beyond her junior status, working on homicide cases, cases involving serous violence and drugs, and a broad spectrum of sexual offences.  She is gaining experience in fraud cases. Phoebe is also experienced in confiscation proceedings.  

Phoebe graduated from Cambridge University receiving academic awards during her studies.  She began working for Sonn MacMillan Walker as a paralegal in February 2019 and completed her training contract at the firm qualifying as a solicitor in March 2022. Phoebe gained duty solicitor status in March 2024.  

Prior to qualification Phoebe was supervised on a wide spectrum of cases by Amy Cox, Lorena Lowen and David Bloom. As such she received supervision from senior solicitors within our firm, working on complex and serious general crime, fraud and confiscation cases.  

Serious Case Load  

Since qualification Phoebe has represented clients charged with various offences including multi defendant county lines drugs cases, kidnap, blackmail and firearm cases, arson with intent to endanger life and several high-value conspiracies to defraud. She has also done significant work in serious violence cases, including attempted murder and GBH cases involving multiple stabbings.  

Phoebe has significant experience in respect of sexual offences including historic matters and child sex offences, multi and single-defendant rape cases, and indecent images cases. She has particular expertise in dealing with investigations that follow actions taken by online paedophile hunter groups. 

In respect of Confiscation proceedings Phoebe’s work has involved representing multiple co-defendants in Encrochat cases, assisting on the confiscation proceedings following a conspiracy to supply drugs valued at over £6 million, and acting in several sets of enforcement proceedings on a legal aid and private basis.

Diligent Case Preparation 

Phoebe is adept at considering and analysing evidence in a case, getting to the core strengths and weaknesses. Her work ethic means she has the same approach however large or small the case.  Phoebe is familiar with the benefits that can be gained from expert evidence and is keen to consider and instruct experts where necessary. She will pursue any leads in respect of defence evidence, whether this involves pursuing disclosure requests from the Crown, obtaining defence witness statements, or defence material for example CCTV or phone data not sought by the Crown. 

A Compassionate Touch  

Phoebe recognises the importance of every case to every client.  She is quick to gain the respect and confidence of her clients due to her compassion and kindness, coupled with her legal knowledge and skills. Phoebe is a calm and patient solicitor who dedicates herself to ensuring her clients receive the highest level of representation. She ensures her clients understand and appreciate the issues in their cases by considering them from the client’s perspective. For these reasons she has a particular skill for representing vulnerable defendants and those with mental health issues. She is developing her experience of representing youths.  

As a more junior member of our team, Phoebe is already successfully representing clients on serious matters. She is regularly commended by Counsel for her case preparation and her hard work does not go unnoticed by clients who are quick to demonstrate their appreciation with their feedback. She is already an extremely successful solicitor and has a bright future ahead of her.    


Phoebe's Notable Cases

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"To Phoebe, Natasha, and Alex, thank you all so much for the way you dealt with my case, without you all I would not be home now. I owe you all so much so thank you all again, sent with our love."

Client & Wife, 2024

"Thank you so much for you and your teams help, we appreciate it so much!"

Client's Sister, 2024

"The most important thing for me was that it felt as though you cared personally about the situation and we spoke informally which allowed me to trust you which is important especially for sensitive cases. I have no doubt you’ll continue to help people and families who find themselves in difficult situations also thank you again for all your help from myself and my family."

Client, 2023

"You was always sincere, honest and integral in your approach and we feel lucky to have you as a representative for my brother. We all wish you all the best in the future and really appreciate all the time and hard work you have shown in this difficult time for us all."

Client's Family Member, 2024

"On behalf of your professionalism and efforts you showed towards my brother, he myself and all of my family can not thank you enough. You was always on hand to help (via phone or email) to help us as a family understand the difficult process involved with having a loved one in prison. "

Client's Family Member, 2024

"Thank you so much for everything. Of course if it wasn’t for you this couldn’t have happened so thank you so much… and for still believing me… even though [..] all the difficulties. I can’t thank you enough. Thank you."

Client, 2023

"You have done an excellent job for me and I can’t say thank you enough for the time and effort you have put in for me. Even though I got a conviction I am happy with the outcome and I would have no solicitor other than you. You did your job thoroughly, efficiently and very professionally. I have had a lot of solicitors in the past but you top the lot."

Client, 2023

"You should go to sleep feeling amazing, and knowing that you helped someone."

Client, 2023

"I wanted to take this time to thank you for all you efforts on my brother’s case. Constantly working to keep my family well informed and prepared, as well as taking the time with me to ensure we were listened to and heard. During our first conversation I was confident you know exactly what you were doing, which made myself and my family calm in spite of the unfortunate circumstances in which my brother found himself. "

Client, 2023

"You are amazing dedicated, and thoughtful. You’re just the best example and Solicitor a client could wish for. You are a properly grounded, lovely, caring, woman. I felt almost as if you were a member of my family fighting for me, to make sure we got the best outcome we could possibly hope for… Phoebe I cannot believe how someone can be presented with all this information from me and the police and put it all together and get a glance into anybody’s situation. What you have done is truly unbelievable."

Client, 2023

"I can’t believe how professional/precise you were… and the work you have had to do in the background is amazing, I felt safe in your hands… For the whole time back in April 2021, the communication, the updates and explaining this daunting, process and getting all the stuff ready for court – I can’t begin to imagine."

Client, 2023


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