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Acquittal of 3 Counts of Sexual Assault

By Phoebe Coleman  |  16.05.2023

We represented a client accused of 3 counts of sexual assault against his ex-partner in a case before Liverpool Crown Court.

He was alleged to have grabbed her breasts in their family home during an argument. Our client vehemently denied this allegation.

The case involved s28 hearings, in which the cross-examinations of the complainant and a child witness took place and were pre-recorded ahead of trial. Throughout the case, we considered extensive defence evidence in the form of family Court documents, personal messages and emails, CCTV footage and social service reports.

At trial, we called character witnesses on behalf of our client. We also made important points in cross-examination regarding the failure of police to obtain CCTV footage that was crucial to our client’s defence.

Following a 4-day trial, our client was acquitted. He was overwhelmed with relief, and said the following regarding his legal team:

“I can’t believe how professional/precise you were… and the work you have had to do in the background is amazing, I felt safe in your hands… For the whole time back in April 2021, the communication, the updates and explaining this daunting, process and getting all the stuff ready for court – I can’t begin to imagine”.

Regarding Phoebe Coleman, he stated:

“You are amazing dedicated, and thoughtful. You’re just the best example and Solicitor a client could wish for. You are a properly grounded, lovely, caring, woman. I felt almost as if you were a member of my family fighting for me, to make sure we got the best outcome we could possibly hope for… Phoebe I cannot believe how someone can be presented with all this information from me and the police and put it all together and get a glance into anybody’s situation. What you have done is truly unbelievable.”

Katy Appleton of 7 Harrington Street was initially briefed on this matter and did excellent work during the s28 hearings. Alaric Walmsley, also of 7 Harrington Street, was trial Counsel, obtaining an excellent result to the satisfaction of the client. Phoebe Coleman was the solicitor with conduct. She worked closely with consultant Mark Davies, to whom the client had also expressed his immense gratitude.

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