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Acquitted of £100,000 banking fraud

By  |  17.12.2018

Our client was accused of being an insider in a banking fraud where monies were stolen from customers and transferred to multiple other accounts.

Our client was a bank employee who, together with two others, was accused of stealing monies belonging to customers. It was alleged that our client had altered personal details on the bank’s computer system, gained unauthorised access to the account details, and allowed a person impersonating the legitimate account holder to withdraw monies from the accounts. In addition to the computer and CCTV evidence against our client and material was found at his home.

Our client always denied any dishonesty. He was a man of good character and we were able to show he had previously prevented a fraud on the bank. We demonstrated that he had been under considerable pressure at work which may have explained why he had not paid as much attention as normal when he allowed the imposter to withdraw monies. Furthermore, through careful analysis of the CCTV, it was possible to provide an evidential basis that explained our client’s actions and demonstrated he was telling the truth.

At trial we were able to demonstrate that the prosecution had compiled inaccurate schedules of evidence which led to the wrong conclusions being drawn. Furthermore, despite this being a national bank, we were able to show that internal policies and procedures varied from branch to branch to the extent that there were innocent explanations as to our client’s admitted behaviour.

Our client was acquitted after an 8 day trial. He was represented by Aysha Moore in case preparation, and David Kitson was his trial advocate.

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