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Acquitted of GBH

By  |  23.09.2017

Our client was accused of kicking the complainant several times causing bruising and a severe break of the nose.

CCTV evidence was served showing what appeared to be our client punching the victim several times. On the face of it this evidence appeared persuasive to show that our client was the aggressor. Our client admitted he had assaulted the complainant as alleged and that this was him on the CCTV. However his account was that he had acted in self defence by making a pre-emptive strike on the basis that he feared he was at immediate risk of serious harm from the complainant.

We carried out extensive enquiries into the complainant’s behaviour earlier that night. Person A’s case was that he had been assaulted by the person B earlier that night in a club. We made extensive enquiries which led us to seek and obtain a witness summons in unusual circumstances (the witness had not provided a witness statement as is normal). We also instructed an enquiry agent to make detailed enquiries at the club.

Our client was acquitted at trial despite the CCTV footage.

Rachel Hobba had conduct of the case and instructed Jon Mitchell of 4BB at trial.

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