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Acquitted of sexual assault on the tube

By  |  09.06.2016

Sonn Macmillan Walker were privately instructed to represent a client accused of sexual assault on a London tube train. The complainant in the case alleged that the defendant had sexually assaulted her for a sustained period of time whilst they were both standing on a crowded tube train.

Our client denied that he had intentionally touched the complainant at all and said that if any touching had occurred it had been accidental. The case was complicated further by the presence of 3 undercover police officers who were present on the train and were observing the defendant at the time of the commission of the alleged offence. One of these undercover officers claimed to have seen the sexual assault but her testimony was robustly challenged under cross examination. The jury took approximately 1 hour to return a unanimous verdict of not guilty at Blackfriars Crown Court in June 2016 after a trial lasting two days. Lorena Loren was the litigator and Paul Lazarus acted as the advocate.

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