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Armed robbery acquittal

By Amy Cox  |  10.12.2018

Our client was alleged to have been part of a large gang responsible for an armed attack on a travellers' site. 

The allegation was that in April 2017 a group of young men attended a travellers’ site, armed with weapons including firearms.  The residents were threatened, and money was demanded.  Some threats were made in front of young children.  One particular male was seriously assaulted, and a number of individuals were tied up with cable ties.  Our client was linked to others involved, and a balaclava found at the scene contained his DNA.  He denied presence, or any involvement in the offence.

There were 14 defendants convicted, and our client was one of 3 acquitted.  During an initial trial the jury were hung, but our client was subsequently acquitted at re-trial.  Those convicted received sentences ranging from 9 – 18 years’ imprisonment.

In order to prepare our client’s defence we instructed experts in respect of DNA and firearms.  We also prepared a large bundle of defence material concerning the music business which our client was involved in as this provided his explanation for association with the other defendants and his DNA on the balaclava.

See a news article on the case here.

Amy Cox and David Kitson worked on the trial, with Arlette Piercy of 25 Bedford Row instructed in the retrial.

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