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Assault Charge Discontinued After Written Representations

By  |  30.09.2020

We represented a vulnerable young man who was charged with common assault. Our client strongly denied the allegation stating he was in fact the victim of the assault, and that any actions taken by him were in self-defence. This defence was advanced during police interview.

Written representations were sent to the prosecution addressing the strength of the evidence. The complainant had not provided a statement and the case relied upon the account of a bystander, who we suggested had not seen the entire incident. We provided the prosecution with videos of the incident provided by other eyewitnesses, who were not spoken to by the police. The footage they had captured supported our client’s account.

As a result of our representations, the criminal proceedings were discontinued before our client’s first appearance, meaning that he did not have to attend court for this matter.

Amy Cox and Milly Blunt prepared this case.

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