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Client avoids POCA ‘tainted gifts’ finding

By David Bloom  |  26.06.2019

Our client was convicted of theft after privately selling vehicles worth nearly £400k belonging to his former employer, a luxury car dealership, and fraudulently convincing individuals to invest more than £100k in his failing companies.

Accounting for monies repaid, the prosecution alleged his benefit figure was £330,000 and he had available in excess of £270,000 which included tainted gifts of £160,000 transferred to his wife and also luxury jewellery valued at over £8,000.

We successful challenged the benefit figure. We proved that items of jewellery were never in fact purchased and we avoided a tainted gift finding through the meticulous preparation of this case and examination of the voluminous banking records.

The court determined our client’s benefit figure was £251,000 and that less than £30,000 was available to him as assets to be confiscated.

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David Bloom, assisted by Natasha Lake, instructed Nick Cockrell of 7 Harrington Street.

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