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Drug supply acquittal

By Amy Cox  |  20.12.2018

Sonn Macmillan Walker successfully secured the acquittal of a client charged with possession with intent to supply class A drugs.

Our client was a passenger in a car with his co-defendant when they were pulled over and searched by police. Our client was found in possession of 20+ wraps of cocaine, a substantial amount of cash, and multiple mobile phones. Both people were arrested. A further 12 wraps of heroin were found underneath the bench in the custody suite at the police station where they had been sat.  These drugs were wrapped using the same wrapping as the wraps found on our client. A search of the co-defendant’s address revealed drug paraphernalia. We managed to persuade the trial judge that our client’s two previous convictions for possession with intent to supply class A drugs should not be admitted in evidence.

Our client accepted the cocaine was his, but said it was for his personal consumption. He denied possession of the heroin and despite the similarity of the paper wraps there was no forensic evidence to link him to them. We were able to show that our client had been lent the money by his mother shortly before his arrest.

Our client was acquitted of all offences  he contested, having already entered a guilty plea to simple possession of cocaine.

Amy Cox and Fiona Haddadeen prepared our client’s case and Bozzie Sheffi of 4 Breams Buildings was his barrister.

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